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Cure Sanfilippo Foundation 

The nonprofit seeking to cure "children's Alzheimer's" asked for an explainer video and a new brand 


Shine on

Sanfilippo Syndrome causes children to experience severe dementia and pass away before their mid-teens. Cure Sanfilippo Foundation funds innovative research to accelerate discovery of a treatment or cure. TCA team worked overtime to come up with a creative way to tell the story of the families living with this rare disease.



Raising money to support rare diseases is often a difficult task, but when it's your young child who is suffering, you'll stop at nothing. CureSFF attacks the gene defect from several angles including funding research, raising awareness, and supporting families. The nonprofit asked TCA to produce an explainer video that captures all three approaches to its mission while also developing a central brand theme to help it stand out among other health-related organizations.


Families and their networks

  • CureSFF brings together families who share the similar--but rare--experience of caring for a child with Sanfilippo Syndrome.

  • In addition to providing resources and emotional support, CureSFF coaches families in doing their own fundraising.


One explainer video and a brand strategy


After extensive research, it took roughly two months to script, shoot, and edit an explainer video with three distinct sections:

  • Explain the disease and organization 

  • Tell a family story through template content that families can use to tell their personal stories

  • Call to action










Shine On brand strategy

  • We decided to use lights to connect to this disease because Sanfilippo syndrome is caused by one crucial enzyme missing in the brain, and it is extremely difficult to detect at first (and often misdiagnosed).  The connection lies with the idea that an entire strand of lights will go out if one bulb is out or missing, and it is often difficult to tell which light is out or which one is missing.  

  • Along with lights, we used the tag line “Shine On” to discuss the children, as on the CureSFF website each child has their own page that tells their unique story and allows you to donate to them and help their light continue to shine 

  • We also developed designs for merchandise related to this campaign 

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