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The state's largest Girl Scout council asked TCA to learn all we could about potential members 


Back to school campaign

The Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands works to provide girls around the state with leadership and skill developing experiences. In order to do that, they need a strong membership, and they need to get past the reputation of being all about the cookies. GSSC-MM came to TCA with questions about how to target its fall recruiting drive.



Due to the onset of COVID-19, membership rates had been steadily dropping. GSSC-MM tasked TCA with finding new segments of existing audiences who would want to join the Girl Scouts ranks. Additionally, TCA analyzed the successful programs of GSSC-MM’s competitors and came up with recommendations on how to better respond. 


Identify new audience segments and best recruiting practices from top competitors.


  • Identified three new audience segments including demographics, psychographics and key channels to reach them 

  • Distributed a survey with close to 200 responses asking why someone would choose to enroll their child in Girl Scouts

  • Identified top four competitors and their best practices for recruiting

  • Gave recommendations based on the research as to what GSSC-MM could do more of/start within a COVID-19 world

  • Recommended four new programs for GSSC-MM to implement



Based on this research, GSSC-MM developed new campaign messaging to better target its fall recruiting campaign

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