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Using Surveys for brand improvement

What is a survey?

A survey is a question or series of questions asked 

too many people to gather information about what most

people do or think about something. It can be given

in a written form or online through a brand’s website

or through their social media channels.





Why use surveys for brand improvement?

The data can help the brand better understand who uses its products, services, and why. The survey research can help the brand to a wealth of knowledge that helps to create a successful product and future products, and the data gathered is the best way to figure out how your customers think vs. how they act.


Quantitative vs. Qualitative data in a survey

Quantitative data is information about quantities,

and therefore numbers. Qualitative data is descriptive

and regards phenomenon which can be observed but

not measured, such as language. Quantitative data is

important to survey research because the statistics

help us turn the data into useful information to help

with decision making, such as if the brand's product

is successful or not. Some examples could be gender,

age, and race. Qualitative data is important to survey

research because the researcher can gain an insider’s

view of the field. This allows the researcher to find i

ssues that are often missed in the initial marketing efforts.


Types of surveys to use

A brand should consider using customer feedback surveys, market research surveys, and brand awareness surveys. Customer feedback surveys are used for the brand to assess the current success with a product, and to shape future marketing campaigns, product offerings, and services to best meet their customer base’s needs. Market research surveys help the brand to get a sense of their customer base’s needs while also assessing the businesses’ competitive placement within the industry. Brand awareness surveys can reflect how successful the brands marketing, advertising, and branding campaigns have been and can also lead to areas of future improvement for the brand.


Survey methods to use

Five types of survey methods to use include: online,

e-mail, mobile, paper, and telephone surveys.

Online surveys are an easy way for consumers to

fill out from the comfort of their homes to provide

their data and opinions for the brand to collect.

E-mail surveys may incentivize consumers to

provide more honest feedback as the experience

feels tailored to them. Mobile surveys can be more

accessible to certain audiences as smartphone use

and mobile apps are increasing. Paper surveys can

be good for asking more personal topics or opinions.

Telephone surveys provide high accessibility for market

researchers and can provide quick data about a given topic.





How survey data helps to inform strategy

After the brand has conducted thorough research in any given type of survey, they want to make sure the information gathered helps to inform a strategy for their next marketing push. For example, if a brand wanted to conduct a survey regarding competitor analysis, they could ask questions to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. They will be able to get an overview of the level of competition among different markets and demographics by measuring share of voice. In response to doing so, the brand will learn what they are currently doing a good job on and what they could improve on, in return executing their brand's end goal of a given product or service.



Closing tips


A survey can be the best way for a brand to get a clear snapshot of what consumers and potential customers want in a product. They can be used at any stage of the marketing campaign and the research data can be critical to a product or brand’s lifespan.

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