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Curious about what is going on in the ad industry? We keep up with the trends so you do not have to. You can have these for free. 

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How to do a Qualitative FAcebook analysis

By Sam Berlin

A qualitative Facebook analysis is a great way to gather insights into consumers. Learn how to gather data, analyze your competitors, and determine how you can improve. 

Using Surveys for brand improvement

By Baily  Milhorn

The survey is a tried and true method to gain insights into consumers. Learn surveys can help improve your brand. 

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Audience mapping 

By Savannah Bennett 

Audience mapping identifies your key audiences and gauges their general interests so you can better reach and engage them. Learn the steps to get started.

Competitior Analysis

By Sara Himebauch

Every business needs to know where they stand and how to keep up with the others in the same market. That’s where competitor analysis comes in. 

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